Zebra Garden Statue

zebra garden statue

Item No: ECAZ-001
Size: life size or custom as your requirement
Color: same as picture (Other can be oil painted or electroplated)
Producing Time: 15-30 Days for Produce, 7-30 Days for Delivery
Thickness: 5-10mm
Material: Resin/Fiberglass
Advantage: Foundry Supplying Directly

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1.Introduction of zebra garden statue

Zebra garden statue are very lifelike. It is named after the protective markings on the body. No animal is more distinctive than the fur of a zebra. Zebra’s stripes are the same as human fingerprints – no all of them are exactly the same.  Zebra is a specialty of Africa. Plain zebras of Eastern, central and southern Africa are with stripes from leg to hoof or without stripes on legs.  East Africa also produces a format zebra, which has the largest physique, long ears (about 20 cm) and wide, and narrow and dense stripes all over the body, so it is also called fine grained zebra. The mountain zebra of South Africa is different from the other two zebras in that it has long ears like a donkey. In addition to the abdomen, the whole body is densely with wide black stripes.

These simulated zebra garden statue are made of fiberglass. Our exquisite sculpture masters show the zebra’s black and white stripes and vivid appearance with perfect skills. Looking at these zebra sculptures from a distance, they seem to have life and stand there. When we are coloring, we use outdoor car paint. The color is smooth and shiny, which can not only protect the sculpture from corrosion, but also keep the sculpture from fading for a long time. If you need a variety of simulated animal sculptures, you can contact us at any time for more details.

zebra garden statue zebra fiberglass statue

2.Production Process of zebra garden statue

1. Showing the details drawing/ 3D mold for clients confirming.
2. Making clay mold/ foam mold according to drawing/ client’s photos/ 3D mold.
3. Making fiberglass/resin sculptures
4. Polishing the surface.
5. Professional painting and take all different views pictures/ videos, show to clients.
6. Packing into wooden cases after clients are satisfied with sculptures.

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