Bathing Venus Sculpture

bathing Venus sculpture

Item No: ESTN-011
Size: life size or custom as your requirement
Material: Hunan white marble
Technology: 100% hand carving
Producing Time: About 20-35 days after receiving your order
Design: we can produce all kinds of high quality art sculptures with right material according to your drawing or pictures.
Package: Strong wooden crate with waterproof and shockproof foam inside

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1.Introduction of bathing Venus sculpture

This Venus sculpture of Lely is also known as the bathing Venus sculpture. Carved in marble,
she showed her naked squatting posture. It looks like the goddess in the shower was surprised
to find someone peeping. She instinctively squatted down, bent her right arm in front of her body,
and placed her left arm on her left leg. She tried to cover important parts of her body with this
expressive posture. The beautiful hair is loosely coiled on the head, part of it is scattered on the
left shoulder, and the head is twisted to the right. The whole sculpture is a triangle with a sharp
top and a wide bottom. There are three supports between the body and the base, namely the pottery
pot under the left arm, the left foot and the tiptoe of the right foot.

This bathing Venus sculpture, with a classic and aesthetic atmosphere, displays the details of the
mythical characters in front of people again, full of mythical colors. This is the ancient Roman god
of love, Venus. It inherits the structural design of ancient Greece, but pays more attention to the
close-up of expression and body language. The Nude Lady Sculpture is the royal private collection
of Majesty the Queen of England and has been on loan for a long time since 2005 in the center of
Hall 23 of the British Museum. The artist uses a unique perspective to choose a beautiful posture
moment, and uses exquisite sculpture techniques to create the image of the goddess in people’s
minds. When you look around 360 degrees at the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology,
you will find that her expression changes with the change of angle.


bathing Venus sculpture bathing Venus sculpture bathing Venus sculpture

2.Production Process of bathing Venus sculpture

Step 1: Design   Communication:  You supply us with several photographs with dimensions.
 Step 2: Project Consultation:  Our team will make a production plan, according to your design, budget, delivery   time,  or any other service. Our final aim is to supply high quality and cost-saving   sculpture efficiently.
 Step 3: Confirm Mold  We will make 1:1 clay or 3D mold,when finished clay mold,i will take photos for  your reference, the clay mold can modify any details till you’re satisfied with it
 Step 4: Carving and Polish  We will carving with natural marble according to clay mold. Then polished
 Step 5: Package  Strong wooden crate with waterproof and shockproof foam inside


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