St Jude Statue is one of the Twelve disciples of Jesus. The symbol of St. Jude is the stick. St jude is also often depicted with an icon of fire above his head. This means that he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles during the day of Pentecost. Another symbol of St Jude is that he holds the Mandeland Christ icon. On some occasions, St. Jude would hold a scroll, a book, indicating that he was the author of the official letter of Jude. In addition, he carried a carpenter’s ruler.

He is the patron saint of desperate situations and cases. The intercession of the apostle and martyr helped countless souls in desperate need of help.  He prays for your intention to pray to God the father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We can customize all kinds of St Jude sculpture according to your requirements. We can also provide you with more religious church statues. Here a variety of religious church figure molds can be selected for you, we can also be designed and customized based on your requirements.

This is a 180 cm high St Jude Statue in bronze customized by our Arturban sculpture factory according to customer’s request. With a stick in one hand and a sad look on his face, he prayed for the poor people, hoping that they could get rid of their hardship and usher in hope. The statue has now been installed, and the church is where it was installed. This is a picture that the customer sent us, and he said it was beautiful and he was very pleased with it. His partners agreed that Arturban sculpture Factory was a good choice.

As a professional bronze carving production team, we have experienced sculptors who pay attention to the research of figure sculpture and animal sculpture. We design according to the state of real people, whether it’s look or appearance, or even the folds on clothes. The size can be adjusted according to the position you want to place. You can rest assured to give it to us for production.

st jude statue

First of all, we will confirm with you whether you need to modify the statue. After meeting your satisfaction, we will make mud film. After the mud film is made, we will send you photos of every detail and angle. We will not make and cast the abrasives until you are satisfied.

We will use the lost-wax method for casting. This method has been used for a long time. The technology is more mature, and the casting is more precise.

We used the chemical coloring method to change the color of the bronze surface. The color can be retained for a long time without discoloration. Finally, waxing treatment is carried out to achieve the role of protection and anti-corrosion.

Our factory adopts high quality bronze material. The statue can withstand cold, heat, wind and rain, without fracture, deformation and other problems. You can rest assured to place it in any environment.

If you have any wonderful designs or which statues you like, you can contact us to customize your own statues for you.

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