Fat woman sculpture is a reolica, its original aritist is Fernando Botero, Fernando Botero is a figurative painter and sculptor born in Medellin, Colombia. His work is filled with a sense of full-bodied exaggeration, and a hallmark of art known as the “Boterismo”. Therefore, he is known as one of the most famous modern artists in Latin America.

He is known for his extraordinary and peculiar love of fatty things. Each of Botero’s sculptures is a pudgy version of itself: Fernando Botero fat lady sculpture, Botero cat sculpture , a dog, and any other object you can imagine. He works in various nude poses. What he creates is divorced from the original, unique and naked, and his statues interact with their surroundings through the color of the material. However, it shows how Colombians in general appreciate and worship diversity in all its forms. The “fat” lady is not a way to make fat women sexy, but a way to worship women in general.

The statue is a fat woman leaning. He looks very smooth and round. This is a replica of Botero sculpture customized according to the requirements of Canadian customers. It contains a base with a length of 200 cm. The customer’s requirement is that it will be used outdoors, and it wants to have good frost resistance and hot weather resistance. The bronze material we recommended for him has a larger wall thickness than brass, about 5-6mm. The bronze fat woman sculpture has strong shrinkage and can be perfectly preserved for hundreds of years in high temperature and low cold weather.

The fat woman statue in the picture is the finished statue we made for the customer. After seeing it, the customer was very satisfied. He said that he could not wait to put the fat woman sculpture in his home, it must be very beautiful, and he must invite his friends to visit his home after the installation. We are also happy that our work can satisfy them and their praise is our highest honor. It is also the driving force for us to move forward, and we will work harder to repay and better serve our customers.

fat woman sculpture

In this case, we use the lost wax casting method to make bronze statues. Arturban sculpture manufacturer is a professional sculpture factory. We have 20 years’ experience. They pay attention to details, are good at studying the appearance of things and depict the appearance of characters vividly.

Here we use the advanced chemical coloring method. The coloring process is very magical. It can ensure that the coloring height can restore the original work. Using chemical coloring method can not only last for a long time, but also prevent corruption after coating with wax layer.

If you have any works you like or you have your own creative artworks, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], we will be like friends with you to make your own arwork.

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